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Welcome to the online version of Metropolis, a quarterly journal of film theory and film history, founded in 1996.

Metropolis has been appearing in print, publishing articles translated from various foreign languages into Hungarian, and in addition, papers that Hungarian authors have written specifically for the journal. The primary purpose of the English-language online version is to provide information about the thematic issues that have appeared in the past, as well as English-language abstracts of the papers prepared specifically for publication in Metropolis. More...

Toldi cinema, 28th February – 3rd March, 2013

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DocsDF 2013: Call for entries open!
Deadline: April 30th, 2013

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Dragon, Zoltán: The Spectral Body: Aspects of the Cinematic Oeuvre of Istvan Szabó

The Spectral Body: Aspects of the Cinematic Oeuvre of Istvan Szabó analyses some of the films made by Academy Award winner Hungarian filmmaker Istvan Szabo to establish an interpretative matrix disclosing the root of haunting effects in the visual and the narrative levels of the diegeses. By...
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Cristian, M. Réka – Dragon, Zoltán: Encounters of the Filmic Kind: Guidebook to Film Theories

„Réka Cristian and Zoltán Dragon’s book is intended for mainly American and English Studies students as a textbook but is a good companion to anyone involved in film studies. It is obvious how much the authors know about their subject and this book mirrors their sophisticated understanding...
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Cunningham, John: Hungarian Cinema: From Coffee House to Multiplex

Hungarian cinema has often been forced to tread a precarious and difficult path. Through the failed 1919 revolution to the defeat of the 1956 Uprising and its aftermath, Hungarian film-makers and their audiences have had to contend with a multiplicity of problems. In the 1960s, however, Hungary...
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