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November 28th - December 1st, 2012

Story creation. Are you inspired by a story idea, but don't know how to realize it? True story is a question of continuous creativity - not a set of formulaic page numbers. Take advantage of one of the best story brains in the business, and let Robert McKee prompt and guide you to your best insights yet. Here is an opportunity to apply classic story design - the kind that has resulted in masterpieces of all kinds - to your own cinematic, theatrical or literary premise.


Robert McKee is unique among writing mentors. No matter what your writing credentials or story medium, your next project calls for an absolute command of creative decisions. With his distinctive blend of award-winning scholarship, professional acting experience and craft knowledge across all media.

Robert McKee helps writers think beyond formula and take the best story decisions of their career - be it in cinema, literature, theatre or television. Already he has helped story creators win 49 Oscars as well as 170 Emmys. Whether delivered through his books, seminars or digital platforms, McKee's trademark combination of classical learning, passion for his subject and unrelenting drive to write the truth has resulted in him becoming the story whisperer of his age - an Aristotle for today's media world.

Register on www.dixit.fr and at +33 (Jean-Marc BERNE)