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Cristian, M. Réka – Dragon, Zoltán: Encounters of the Filmic Kind: Guidebook to Film Theories

„Réka Cristian and Zoltán Dragon’s book is intended for mainly American and English Studies students as a textbook but is a good companion to anyone involved in film studies. It is obvious how much the authors know about their subject and this book mirrors their sophisticated understanding of film theory. The way the text is organized is quite creative: not by genre but by analytical concepts. The level of the book suits, in my view, especially university students but I would recommend it also to scholars who would like to immerse themselves more in film studies. A really high level and very usable book. ” /Avital Bloch, Center for Social Research, University of Colima, Mexico/

Publisher: Szegedi Egyetemi Kiadó (JATE Press)
Year of Publishing: 2008.
150 pages
Price: 1.459 HUF