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Author: Barkóczi, Janka| Date: 08. 06. 2008. | Type: Article, Essay | Subject: Contemporary Iranian Film | Published: Metropolis - 2006 / 3. - Contemporary Iranian Film

Narratives of Mirror Film
The author examines the relationship between fictionality and documentarism in contemporary Iranian film, and at the same time places this phenomenon into the large picture of Iran’s cultural history.
One of the most interesting features of contemporary Iranian film art rising in the 1960s is that it created clear language, stably structured pieces in a boiling historical background and under strict regulations. Most of the times, directors create their deeply humanistic symbolism with a precise narrative of everyday life.
This thesis outlines how the Islamic cultural traditions of story telling influences the relationship of fictionality and documentarism in the Middle-East’s literature as well as in visual art, giving at the same time a historical overview of these phenomena.
The second part of the study presents the effects of culture and art historical phenomena on Iranian films. The author examines the connection between documentarism and fictionality on two levels. On one hand, she shows how all this influences the stories told in the film separating three types of stories presenting them through film examples. On the other hand, she examines how documentarist features appear in the works of contemporary Iranian directors.
In a separate chapter the study deals with the relationship between self-reflecting way of editing often present in Iranian films and documentarist features, and the relationship of contemporary Iranian film with realist film theories.

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