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Author: Berta, Zsóka| Date: 30. 11. -1. | Type: Article, Essay | Subject: Consciousness – Dream – Film | Published: Metropolis - 2012 / 2 - Consciousness – Dream – Film

Mind-Games in Contemporary Films

This essay examines the contemporary film’s trend that Thomas Elsaesser called mind-game films. These films are mostly susceptible to the (postmodern) analysis of identity crisis therefore we can interpret them with the help of psychological (recollection) theories. The interpretation of identity as a narrative can be a useful method for the analysis of memories. The article aims to examine this process through mind-game films like Memento (2000) and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004).

In the former movie the main character suffers from one kind of amnesia, and in the later one the protagonist tries to fight against memory erase. In both films memory issues determine the narrative and the visual style of the films, therefore the narrative structure, the suture of the scenes and the visual style of these two well-known examples are analysed. Every single memory, every detail of our life, and several fragments of our recollections that look trivial are integrated into our identity and determine who we are. Films also make the same impression. With the process of identification which is a typical characteristic of mind-game films the viewer can recognize events of his/her life in the character’s story, and can consider them parallel with the problems of his/her personal life.

  • Filmic thought-experiments
  • Realities of appearances
  • Uncharted Landscapes