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Author: Czirják, Pál| Date: 30. 11. -1. | Type: Article, Essay | Subject: Consciousness – Dream – Film | Published: Metropolis - 2012 / 2 - Consciousness – Dream – Film

Uncharted Landscapes
Mind Film and Dream Narratives in Attila Janisch’s Works

Pál Czirják analyses the films of Attila Janisch, focusing mainly on his feature films: Shadow on the Snow (Árnyék a havon, 1991), Long Dusk (Hosszú alkony, 1997), After the Day Before (Másnap, 2004) but also mentioning his short films. The essay explores narrative structures and strategies through close readings of different sequences and scenes. While Janisch deals with circular motifs like death, sin and conscience, his works gradually neglect classical narration from the point of view of chronology and causality. This process connects Janisch’s oeuvre to the modernist filmmakers’ concept of time and mind, especially to that of Alain Robbe-Grillet.

  • Mind-Games in Contemporary Films
  • Filmic thought-experiments
  • Realities of appearances